Galleria del Cardinale, which occupies a part of Palazzo Colonna, a Roman patrician residence of the Baroque age, between Piazza dei Santissimi Apostoli and Via della Pilotta, preserves all the princely charm of the largest noble residence in Rome.

Since the XII° century, history talks of a castle in that area, belonging to the Colonna family and apparently since the time of Pope Boniface VIII, it was rebuilt numerous times. As early as the XIV century, it was the residence of such illustrious personalities such as Castruccio Castracani and Francesco Petrarca.

It is believed that in 1400 Prince Giordano Colonna, brother of Oddone, named Pope Martin V, lived in the part of the Palazzo next to Via della Pilotta, where we can find the current entrance to the Cardinal's Gallery, which, according to historians, represents the oldest fraction of the building, later enlarged to Piazza dei Santissimi Apostoli.

The works started in the 1600s are due to the ambitious renovation work that has given us today's architectural complex, including the façade on Via della Pilotta, where four elegant pedestrian arches unite the Palace to the gardens, one of which is directly connected to the Cardinal Gallery.


Galleria del Cardinale is a rare example of majesty and grandeur within the princely Palazzo Colonna, object of numerous architectural enhancements for over three centuries. It is now modern and functional, reserving its unaltered charm welcoming and hospitable. 

Meetings, conferences, exhibitions, private events, represent its current vocation, also in combination with the museum spaces of the Galleria Colonna, or with independent access from the Via della Pilotta.

The space, over 500 square meters in size is  illuminated, air conditioned and equipped with WI FI and through large windows overlooks the gardens of the historic residence.